Intelligent Solutions

understanding the client-partner’s unique needs and situation to make the appropriate recommendations.

Strategic Support Services

Our centralized strategic support functions ensure that best practices are followed across the organization and the operating units, resulting in improved quality, service, and efficiency.

Business Development

The Team helps guide the expansion of the organization’s product and service offering to meet the current and future needs of client-partners and guide the company into international markets. This group of professionals assesses research and development, investment, joint ventures, and alliances to ensure that opportunities meet the organization’s goals, standards, and Values.


Our commitment to providing current industry standards is demonstrated by the fact that Hedley was one of the first civil contractors in the UAE to implement Oracle’s financial application. By utilizing financial best practices we ensure that the appropriate technology, equipment, and qualified Associates are in place to meet the client-partner’s requirements without delay. The department allows client-partners a single point of contact if receiving services from multiple business units within the Hedley family of companies.

Human Resources

The greatest asset the company has is its Associates. Ensuring Associates’ needs are met is a priority. Although each operating unit continues to identify its staffing needs and those best qualified to meet them, synergies in the hiring process and reallocation of Associates when necessary to meet the client-partners’ requirements are coordinated centrally.

A focal point of the department is the “Strategic Human Resources Planning and Development Program.” Recognizing that knowledge at every level of the organization is beneficial to the company and our client-partners, we strive to enhance the skills and knowledge of everyone. Hedley’s operating units promote from within to maintain the knowledge gained by individuals to everyone’s benefit. The integral components of the development program are the selection process, associate annual performance appraisals, internal and external skill development programs, and associate involvement in continuous improvement of the company. Associates that recommend improvement ideas participate in assessing the suggestion and assist with the implementation if accepted as a best practice.

Information Technology/Telecom

Technology is critical, allowing Hedley to provide client-partners a seamless experience when delivering the service expected. This is the reason that information technology is consistently being assessed and implemented when appropriate; allowing the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.


In the highly dynamic markets which Hedley operates the ability to deliver on time is critical for our client-partners. Our ability to deliver on time the proper equipment to a construction site or the correct piping for a new plant ensures that your project is completed on schedule.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Hedley was one of the first UAE-based companies to have its quality system certified ISO 9001:2000. The Team ensures that management systems, quality and environmental management, and safety management meet international best practice standards. Audits of each operating unit are conducted annually internally and by external agencies.